3 Routine Changes That Make Mama And Baby Happy

As mums, we have a big to-do list on the day and some days are very energy demanding. But we have to remember to not to deplete our energy and to stay in a great mood till the end of the day. Please, think about yourself to that you can make both Mum And Bub Happy! Sometimes 15 minutes of practice can make a major difference.

Here is what you could  include into your day:

  1. MEDITATE. SMILE. BREATHE While your bubby feeds, relax into a comfortable pose. Sometimes you can be lucky and be able to recline or lie down. If you are breastfeeding, lie on your side and close your eyes.
  2. DO YOGA. While your baby is happy to be around, do some yoga practice. We go through a lot of poses in our Mum and Bub Yoga classes, so if you can just remember 1 or two asanas (positions), that’s already a bonus. Do ‘counter-feeding’ postures like Cobra or arm stretch.
  3. WALK. Find a time in your day to go out! This one is a key. 30 minutes daily walk can make a major difference to your health and keep your bubby happy as well.
  1. In addition: SOCIALISE! Being all day by yourself is a challenging and very lonely task. Find support with like-minded mums, talk before and after your yoga class, invite mums for a catch up during the week.

We are looking for more tips, can you please share below if you thought of more great ideas to keep us mamas happy.

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