Winter yoga and self-care

We are well into winter now and the weather should settle soon! Honestly, I’m in love with the winter time here in Brisbane.  We still have a lot of Sunshine and skies are endless blue. Not to  compare to Russian winter where temperature goes below 40, that’s coooollldd.

Winter is a perfect time to keep looking after your body and nurture yourself with hot foods.  Nutrition is important: add quality fats like avocado and coconut oil, and quality animal fats (if you are not a vegetarian). Tip for those who don’t like the taste of a coconut oil: buy deodorized coconut oil and use it for cooking.  Hot soups, stews, slow cooked meals, old traditional porridge.  Our family favorites are buckwheat (ask me how if you still don’t know what to do with it), slow cooked veggies and meat, hot herbal teas. I’d really love you to share some of your favorite ideas for foods here.

Winter time is when we lack the sunshine. If we hide away from the sun we become deficient in vitamin D, it is so essential, I’d spend hours here talking about the VIT D and why you need it directly from the sun and not to replace with the fish oil, at least completely. Put yourself a goal to go out during the day, have a walk or dig in the garden, or still go to the beach to enjoy the views.

Apart from the diet,  regular exercise is important. Walking and yoga practice are imperative to keep ourselves well and healthy and to support our immune system and strong digestion.  In the winter time, I offer a lot of warming up yoga in the beginning of the class to ensure that the blood keeps circulating and the lymphatic system is not getting on to a ‘standby’ mode. In the end of the day, our lymphatic system is created to move all the toxins out. So we definitely want to move and not to accumulate those.

It is all about enjoying every moment of life, regardless of the weather and temperature. I was going through a (bio)energy training with a master back in to my home country. The picture to this blog are the three teachers, who led me through the training. Now imagine, we had 2 hour long sessions at 8 am in the morning to just get ourselves used to be in minus 20. Yes! That’s cold. Initially it was driving me nuts but eventually, I’ve learned a big lesson as to how to stay warm using breathing and micro muscle contractions.  We might go through it in one of the classes soon. 🙂 At the end of the day yoga is not your ability to stretch but an ability of the body and mind to adjust and accommodate to any conditions life throws at us and to keep maintaining that balance.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts! What are your ideas to keep yourself nice and cozy this winter?

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