HEALTHY ME YOGA What is behind the name?

Hi, My name is Lana. I am the founder of Healthy Me Yoga. What is behind the name, you may wonder?

Well, I’ll tell you honestly, it is my personal story behind Healthy Me Yoga. By the age of 25, my health started slowly going down the grade. I had it all: misaligned spine, sports injuries, excess weight, headaches, severe insomnia, PMS, you name it. And, I started wondering whether it is normal and all people go through that? I couldn’t seem to find the way behind the medical circles, where I endlessly visited specialists and was prescribed expensive medical procedures.

I was simply lucky because the very next year I have met my ‘yet to become’ Mother-In-Law. She was over 55 y.o., looking less than 40, very energetic, slim and healthy, and I could see how she shines from within. She gave me strawberries and a shoulder massage when we first met. Later she told me that she has been practicing subtle ‘energy’ yoga for over 20 years and asked if I’d be interested in joining her teachings. Well, I had nothing to lose and said ‘Yes’.

In about 6 months time practicing very gentle yoga practice 6 days a week, many of my health struggles started to dissolve. I could hardly believe it! Everyone around started noticing how beautiful I was and people seemed to have warmer attitudes towards me. I’ve been learning fast and was very eager to accommodate the practice into my life along with the full-time job.  Life couldn’t be better!

After a while, I started dreaming about quitting my current job as an Account Manager in a busy international advertising agency, as it was very time demanding and stressful.   So, I said to my yoga mentor (my MIL) that I’d really love to become a lecturer in the university. That same day, she showed me a special meditation, where we transformed my current job. Guess what? 20 minutes later, we were going to the bus station together and my mobile phone rang. It was from the University, where I did my MBA and was teaching a part-time course in a previous term. They asked if I could join them immediately for a full-time position, as one of the lecturers from overseas failed to start his job. I was over the sky!

I’m on this journey for about 12 years. Many more things happened since then. And I had both ups and downs in my life. But I learned a big thing. Health is a foundation of a happy and joyful life.  You are healthy when you are feeling well every minute of the day, enjoying and living your life to its full potential. Health is a foundation brick for a happy family, friendships, wellness, career, and dreams realisation. Is there anything that stopping you from committing to a regular practice and being healthy? Think twice as nothing else might be more important.

That’s why Healthy Me Yoga, for the real people who understand and value what HEALTH and well-being actually mean to them. If you are interested in learning more about the ways I have learned from my yoga mentor, please respond here, or PM me. I will be organising a workshop soon talking about being HEALTHY.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts! What are your ways to be healthy and happy all the time?

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