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Mums and Bubs Yoga class is on Thursdays at 11 am in Capalaba. The class is held outdoors in one of the parks in Capalaba.

Mums and Bubs Yoga classes is a wonderful way for a new mum to get back to shape. This yoga class is for mums who are looking to strengthen their back and core muscles and work post-partum on the pelvic floor. Healthy Me Yoga offers gentle yoga exercises that will benefit both – mum and kids.
Note: Babies up to 12 months are allowed in this class but supervision remains a parent’s responsibility.

Location: Mums and Bubs Yoga classes are held in Capalaba (close to Redlands, Brisbane, Bayside).

What you need to know about our Mums and bubs yoga classes:

  • You are welcome to feed your baby.
  • If the baby is unsettled, feel free to settle them down.
  • Please bring a rug and rattle for the baby. If your baby is not happy on the ground, you may also bring bumbo or bouncer, whatever makes them happy.
  • Currently, this is a ladies only class, so ladies without children are also allowed to the class.
  • You can bring other age children to the class but they remain your responsibility.

Benefits of mum and baby yoga classes:

Benefits for mummies:

  • Relief stress of having to be a mum 24h a day
  • Tone the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Makes core muscles strong, fixes Diastasis recti/abdominal separation
  • Strengthen muscles to support  spine alignment post pregnancy
  • Releases upper back tension from carrying and feeding your bub
  • Helps normalise the hormones and post-partum baby blues and PND – postnatal depression
  • Gently tones and strengthens your body after giving birth
  • Keeps you calm and happy
  • Ability to socialise with like minded mums and make new friends

baby yoga bayside

Baby Yoga benefits:

  • Helps baby’s natural immunity
  • Supports your baby’s digestive system
  • Supports baby’s development through baby yoga exercises songs, moves and eye contact

We focus both on mum and baby in our yoga classes. Toddler/ mums and Tots yoga classes are coming soon please contact Healthy Me Yoga to express your interest.

Testimonials of our mums:

Mums and Bubs Yoga Capalaba

Mums and Bubs Yoga

You can bring other age children with you for the classes held in the park.


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