Mums and Bubs Yoga – classes in Capalaba, Brisbane

The Mums and Bubs Yoga class is on Thursdays at 9.45 am

Mums and bubs Yoga classes is a wonderful way for a new mum to get back to shape. This yoga class is for mums who are looking to strengthen their back and core muscles and work post-partum on the pelvic floor. Healthy Me Yoga offers gentle yoga exercises that will benefit both – mum and kids.
Note: Babies up to 12 months are allowed in this class but supervision remains parent’s responsibility.

Location: Mums and Bubs Yoga classes are held in Capalaba (close to Redlands, Brisbane, Bayside).

What you need to know about our Mums and bubs yoga classes:

  • You are welcome to feed your baby.
  • If the baby is unsettled, feel free to pop out for a minute or walk within the room.
  • Please bring a rug and rattle for the baby. If your baby is not happy on the floor, you may also bring bumbo or bouncer, whatever makes them happy.
  • Pram access is limited due to the studio being upstairs.
  • Currently, this is a ladies only class, so ladies without children are allowed to the class.

Benefits of mum and baby yoga classes:

Benefits for mummies:

  • Relief stress of having to be a mum 24h a day
  • Tone the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Makes core muscles strong, fixes Diastasis recti/abdominal separation
  • Strengthen muscles to support  spine alignment post pregnancy
  • Releases upper back tension from carrying and feeding your bub
  • Helps normalise the hormones and post-partum baby blues and PND – postnatal depression
  • Gently tones and strengthens your body after giving birth
  • Keeps you calm and happy
  • Ability to socialise with like minded mums and make new friends

baby yoga bayside

Baby Yoga benefits:

  • Helps baby’s natural immunity
  • Supports your baby’s digestive system
  • Supports baby’s development through baby yoga exercises songs, moves and eye contact

We focus both on mum and baby in our yoga classes. Toddler/ mums and Tots yoga classes are coming soon please contact Healthy Me Yoga to express your interest.

Testimonials of our mums:

Mums and Bubs Yoga Capalaba

Mums and Bubs Yoga

Finally a mum & bubs class in the Redlands! So glad I found this class. Lana really works us mummas but also helps ground & relax us. It is exactly what Bub & I need! Great location, venue & mumma community- Dani Pepper

If you’ve got 4-5 y.o. child you can bring them to a dance class, while you do the yoga. There might be special combo price for that.  Please enquire.

Limited pram acess, but you may leave your pram downstairs.

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