Yoga classes Capalaba are held each and every Saturday morning.

Rise and shine with YOGA. Morning Flow is the Healthy Me Yoga essence for vitality and recharge. Were you looking for some yoga classes Capalaba, close to your home? Challenge yourself yet work at your own level, this class is catered for beginner through intermediate students, giving the options for more challenging postures.

  • Start your day by giving focus to yourself
  • Wake Up Your Spirit and your Muscles
  • Stretch the body welcoming yourself to the morning practice
  • Boost your energy with two-three rounds of Sun Salutations
  • Flow into Standing postures to fire up the leg muscles
  • Find center of gravity, create a sense of stability, and instil a deep sense of calm with Balancing postures
  • Release tight muscles and connective tissue in a Seated sequence by twisting, toning and massaging your body
  • Create space in your body while practising floor asana
  • Bliss out in the resting pose
  • Walk away a shinier, brighter version of yourself!

Here, at Yoga classes Capalaba, It is all about the community! We encourage everyone to hang out after the class and have a chat.

Yoga Conversation

    • Here at Healthy Me Yoga, we are not strangers. We would like to know each other’s names and feel comfortable with people around us.


    Whether you have a question to your teacher or just want to have a little bit of the relaxed conversation after the class, treat it as a part of your yoga practice.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.



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