SIMPLE raw vegan raspberry cheesecake

Raw vegan raspberry cheesecake Well, I do love this raw vegan raspberry cheesecake recipe. I had borrowed and changed the recipe from Going Raw book. And although we are not rawterians, our family prefers to stay away from the refined sugar, gluten, or dairy. So this recipe serves pretty well with all our requirements. One of the superstar desserts we

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HEALTHY ME YOGA What is behind the name?

Hi, My name is Lana. I am the founder of Healthy Me Yoga. What is behind the name, you may wonder? Well, I’ll tell you honestly, it is my personal story behind Healthy Me Yoga. By the age of 25, my health started slowly going down the grade. I had it all: misaligned spine, sports injuries, excess weight, headaches, severe

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Winter yoga and self-care

We are well into winter now and the weather should settle soon! Honestly, I’m in love with the winter time here in Brisbane.  We still have a lot of Sunshine and skies are endless blue. Not to  compare to Russian winter where temperature goes below 40, that’s coooollldd. Winter is a perfect time to keep looking after your body and

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Build a life you don’t need a vacation from

I believe this saying is very deep…What do you think? Through my life, I have struggled and sometimes had to put an extra effort into things to achieve what I wanted…That ‘extra’ also meant draining myself, depleting all the resources. I always then just thought, I will get through, it is all just temporary…until it became a habit. Then, I

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Flexible spine? Flexible life!

Fantastic flexibility…of the straw* 🙂 Yogis believe it is not the number of years but the flexibility of the spine that defines the age! You don’t have to go crazy about the ability of your back to bend, however, regular practice makes wonders to your health! Type ‘Yes’ in comments if you agree that backbends are good for you and

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