Grateful Heart

Interesting week for me! Lots of hard work and I feel very tired ? but so much satisfaction as well. I dreamt about having my own business for long, and this time it feels so good and so much under control. Because I now know the formula and have a clear strategy….but it would be nothing without you, my friends! ? Truly from my heart ❤, deep thank you for your support… My yoga classes have been full house this week and this is after starting in a month or so…unbelievable.

Okay, I’ve been quite teary today only because I was thinking of all of my friends who have given me so much support over a couple of months. I really, really appreciate you sharing my posts and spreading the word around about the things I’m doing for the community. You are the people with a big open heart! And I feel very blessed knowing you. Truly, thank you! I can’t think of everyone and may forget to tag you, please forgive me, but the response was overwhelming. Just know, I DO appreciate your effort and you are important in my life. I haven’t felt as supported yet. It also feels really good that we are connected in person and we know each other. Love and LIGHT your way! xxx <3
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Can I help you? I do care about you,  my yoga, FB and real life friend. ? Let me know if I can help. xx

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