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Have you been looking for yoga classes in Capalaba? Thank you for visiting ! My name is Lana. I’ve been practicing and teaching Yoga, Meditation and Healing Energy modalities for over 12 years.

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I have been coming to Lana’s yoga classes for a while now. She really is the one who makes me feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the class. What a bliss! So nice to be local, right in Capalaba as well.

Kate Anderson

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Yoga Capalaba | Alex Hills | Birkdale | Thornlands | Cleveland

Healthy me yoga is changing the way yoga is being seen nowadays. Instead of focusing on a fitness end of yoga we focus on our health as a major benefit of a yoga practice. Of course, we still get the fitness side of yoga. But more so our yoga classes help us focus on stress relief, get back to our normal shiny selves, balance the hormone levels, cure sore backs and necks and make our spines aligned, get rid of headaches, calm the mind. It is not a therapy but a general practice that addresses all areas of health and well-being. As a result, we allow ourselves to live the life to its full potential, enjoying every moment of it.

Lana Shanti

We believe yoga should be affordable!